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According to Wikipedia, the Newcastle United Football Club was founded in 1892 through the merger of the Newcastle East End and Newcastle West End. But Wikipedia is wrong. Newcastle United Football Club was not formed in 1892, and there was no merger between Newcastle East End and Newcastle West End. The club was formed 11 years ago, in 1881 (and is supposed to celebrate its 140th birthday in 2021). Unfortunately, folk knowledge has removed those 11 years of history from the records.


In 1881, Newcastle enjoyed a golden age as an industrial powerhouse in the glorious North East of England. The town (which would gain city status in 1882) thrived due to its expertise in shipbuilding and other heavy industries. The river was alive with activity, littered with tall-masted sailing ships, helicopter boats, and soaring steamers. Its banks are lined with a continuous series of engineering works, coal docks, and shipyards.


Newcastle United began life as Stanley Football Club and is located a hundred yards north of the river on Stanley Street, an extension of what is now Walker Road in South Baker. The club was formed by young people who played for Stanley Cricket Club. They decided to start a football club during a meeting of the cricket club at the residence of Sir Thomas Allen, a confectioner, in Shields Street, Baker, on November 24, 1881.

Who owns Newcastle United?

The Public Investment Fund became the majority shareholder and de-facto owner of the club, with 80 percent of the shares.


The public face of the PIF was Yasir Al-Rumayyan, the fund’s governor and the Chairman of Newcastle United.


PCP Capital Partners holds 10 percent of the shares. The company is Amanda Staveley, which helped facilitate Sheikh Mansour’s takeover of Manchester City in 2008. Staveley, along with Al-Rayyan, was often the public face of the deal.


The last 10 percent of the shares went to the Robin brothers, a married couple of wealthy British businessmen.


How much did it cost Newcastle United?

The consortium paid Mike Ashley $415 million to the club


As mentioned above, the deal debuted in April 2020, as the partners submitted the paperwork to acquire Newcastle. However, the protracted nature of the agreement complicated the proceedings, and in September of 2020, it looked like it had collapsed. Newcastle United released a statement claiming that the league had formally rejected the federation even though the Premier League rejected the claim.


Newcastle United is back in the Premier League

For a city like Newcastle, football isn’t just a sport; it’s a way of life. Gordes is known around the world for their unwavering passion in their support of their beloved Newcastle United.


Being the city’s only football club, Newcastle United is the talk of the ‘Tone’ with their recent success on the pitch. Newcastle United was able to turn relegation in the 2015/16 season into an immediate promotion to the Premier League for the 2017/18 season. Not only did they gain an automatic upgrade, but they also directly won the Championship, adding to their already impressive achievements.


Many students in Pathway’s programs enjoy spending their free time watching and playing football. For some, Premier League and all its players are a big reason they choose to study in the UK over many other countries worldwide.


The students can be excited because Newcastle United will welcome the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester United at St James’ Park next season. Students can also take advantage of available discounted ticket prices available, making the experience of watching English Premier League football even easier. And with St James’ Park just a 15-minute walk from campus, there are few better opportunities to experience some of the excitement of the Premier League when studying in the UK.


Newcastle United football team


Newcastle United will kick off the 2022/23 season with a home game against Nottingham Forest as Eddie Howe looks to continue building on the positive impact he made at St James’ Park.


The former Bournemouth boss took charge of a united side sitting in the relegation zone after failing to win their first 11 league games last season. However, a slide into the Championship seemed a foregone conclusion.


A difficult start to his tenure meant that Howe had failed to win their first 14 games when Callum Wilson’s goal topped Burnley in early December.


But the hard work of Howe and his coaching staff, the willingness of Magpies’ players to buy up their tactics and a positive monthly transfer window made Newcastle write his name in the Premier League history books.

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