Barcelona FC Things That Make Barça Great

Barcelona FC

For many years, people have wondered what exactly makes a great football club. Is it based on success, legacy, or the special relationship the fans have with this club?


Especially in recent years, people from all over the world have developed the same connection with FC Barcelona. This is because Barcelona has some of the best players in the world, a strong legacy, and they are very likable to many people.


Barcelona has revolutionized the world of football, and despite their overall loss to Chelsea tonight, they are still an impressive team of all time.


But even if Barcelona does not reach the final, it will still be loved by people worldwide. Why do so many people love Barcelona? Let’s see what they are.


Reason 1: Likability


Not every Barcelona player is likable (hey, Sergio Busquets), but for the most part, the Barcelona players are very nice.


With Football players like Xavi, Iniesta, and Messi as strong brand ambassadors, Barcelona is in a position they cannot afford to lose.


Most clubs and best players are hated by many, such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney, among many others.


Reason 2: Rivalry with Real Madrid


Clasico last year, the rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid officially reached the next level with several titles at stake and a place in last year’s Champions League final.


Last weekend, Real Madrid snatched their first La Liga title in Pep Guardiola’s era by beating Barcelona 2-1.


El Clásico is easily the best competition in the world today regarding talent and recent plot. The entertainment from this rivalry can’t be matched by any team in any sport right now.

Reason 3: Barcelona’s History


Being one of Spain’s two most dominant clubs, it has allowed Barcelona to amass an astonishing number of trophies.


Barcelona has won the King’s Cup 25 times, the Spanish League 21 times, and the UEFA Champions League 4 times, among many other titles.


With the likes of Cryuff and Maradona as former club players, Barcelona also managed to recruit many of the greatest footballers of all time to become part of their ranks.


Reason 4: Recent Legacy of Winning


Barcelona has become a compelling winner over the past decade. As globalization continues to motivate football, Barcelona has won many trophies.


This includes five La Liga titles, three Champions League titles, two Club World Cups, and the King’s Cup.


This culminated in 2009, as Barcelona became the first single football club to complete a hexagram.

Reason 5: Inspirational Comebacks from Ailments


Barcelona is so great because of its players’ ability to overcome some severe illnesses.


Last year, Abidal had to deal with a liver tumor. Support from the Abidal came from all over the world. This included Real Madrid, who wore T-shirts supporting Abidal on the eve of the surgery.


Lionel Messi also managed to get a growth hormone treatment that cured his growth hormone deficiency by joining Barcelona over a decade ago.


Reason 6: Superstars throughout Their Lineup


It’s easy to get into a club with some of the best players in the world, but Barcelona can bring these players together in a way that football fans will love.


With the likes of Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas, Villa, Pique, Puyol, and Sanchez (along with many others), Barcelona can have many stars at the start of every game and achieve success due in large part to this.


Reason 7: The Camp Nou


Camp Nou is the largest and most famous stadium in Europe and one of the most intimidating. However, with a capacity of 99,787, Barcelona can attract many fans to all of its matches.


With the inscription Mes que un club (more than a club) inscribed in the stadium seats and a great environment, Camp Nou is one of the best places in the world for a football match.

Reason 8: Pep Guardiola and His Coaching Staff

Pep Guardiola has proven himself one of the best coaches in the world over the past four years. The former Barcelona midfielder has led his former team to unprecedented success since becoming the coach in 2008.


During his reign, Guardiola and his coaching staff made Barcelona, the most dominant football club in history. But, thanks to their footballing philosophy, they also have an uncanny ability to make all their players play better.

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